Portraits for Heroes

Because some law enforcement agencies do not have a budget to have formal uniformed portraits taken at academy graduations, many officers never have a uniformed portrait made during their career, or even before they pass away. Sadly, many widows, children, and families do not have a portrait of their loved one looking sharp in their uniform and badge. I know many officers don't feel it's important because being a law enforcement officer is not their whole identity, but only a part of it, or they feel it's just a job, or only a season of their life. However, I have heard so many wives of officers say they wish they had one. I know a formal uniformed portrait is priceless to their loved ones.  

Portraits for Heroes is a special offer I extend to the law enforcement officer, whether active or retired, who has never had a formal photo made wearing his/her uniform. This is a simple studio session with no charge that includes one 8x10 professional print and the digital file of the portrait (with or without a U.S. flag backdrop).

No strings are attached. I simply want the families who have had to sacrifice so much of their lives in their own right to have a formal keepsake portrait of their LEO that they can proudly display in their home, and pass down for generations.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your LEO's formal uniformed portrait, please contact me by email at MelynaFangPortraits@gmail.com .

*If you are a law enforcement related group and would like to have some of the following vouchers to give out, please contact me.

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