Darth Vader Just Flew in From Planet Hoth...and, Boy, Are His Arms Tired {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix Photographer}

12:30 AM

Last week I had my first celebrity client in my studio for his official portraits to be made by me! 

Okay, so it wasn't actually THE Darth Vader, but a Star Wars-obsessed fan who wanted to be photographed as Darth Vader. He had purchased a Darth Vader mask which only covered the face, then added his own paper mache and black spray paint to make it a complete helmet. I was impressed with his creativity, and knew I could add the drama to his official portraits that would match his creativity.

I photographed my client as if he was required to have an official portrait for the Empire...

The official Lord Vader portrait.

But I felt that Lord Vader's portrait needed some more Star Wars drama, and put him in a galaxy far, far away...

Then Lord Vader, himself, a fan of the cult movie, Napoleon Dynamite, requested a 1970's Olan Mills double-exposure nod to the ones of Napoleon Dynamite and his brother, Kip, that hang on the wall at their house. I have to say, it's one of my favorites from the session.

I took creative license with the Darth Vader session, styling some portraits to look cinematic rather than a simple portrait sitting (like the featured portrait of this post). I took my cues from the movie franchise in which Darth Vader always seems to be enveloped by or leading a trail of creepy, ominous mist, or surrounded by the absence of light, with the exception of some bright lights.

If you are into cosplay, and would like similar portraits, please contact me to discuss a creative portrait session for you! This was fun, and I'd love to do more. Also, I am now calling myself the "Official Sith Lord Photographer."


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