My 365 Project: Update #1 {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix Photographer}

11:52 PM

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, one of my resolutions for 2016 was to begin a 365 Project. What is a 365 Project, you say? It is a project where I will be taking at least one photograph per day. I've always wanted to start one, but since I never put it in writing for the whole world to see, I never followed-through. I am adamant that this is the year I will successfully complete my 365 Project. My hopes, by starting a 365 Project, are to expand my comfort zones, learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and have fun playing around in areas of photography that are not my specialties.

I will occasionally post about my progress on my blog as well as on Facebook. So as not to clog your newsfeed with my project photos, I won't be posting my daily photos on this blog, or on my Facebook page. However, if you are interested in checking in on my progress more often, I am posting a daily photo on my Instagram page

If you are curious about starting a 365 Project yourself, check out some tips The Phoblographer has to offer at their blog: . 

My personal encouragements for starting a 365 Project are: 1) you can start any time, not just on January 1st, 2) once you start, try to post a photo at the same time everyday until you get into a habit of meeting your self-imposed deadline, 3) experiment with different angles, lenses, & subjects, and 4) find inspiration by looking at the work of other photographers, painters, and artists. If you start a 365 Project, I'd love to see the progress you are making! Feel free to email me a link to your work.

My theme for the past month has been macro photography (close-up photography). I had planned on changing themes each month, but I've become a little obsessed with macro. I have photographed botanicals, miscellaneous household objects, and edibles.

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