Big Dumb Dog {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix photographer}

12:49 AM

I had a quick session with my dog, Brutus, today. He is a sweet, beautiful, muscular half-Labrador Retriever, half-Sharpei, however, he is not very sharp. When he was a sweet little puppy, I thought the name my husband and kids had chosen for him was silly. Now, fully grown, he's a big dumb, but sweet brute who knocks everyone down, even adults, when he is excited or happy. I believe he was aptly named, even if not very courageous. 

For some reason, he is threatened by my camera these days, and refuses to look at it. In the above photo, he was not snarling, he was smelling the air. To me, he looks like he's doing his best Scooby-Doo impression, and saying, "Huh?" 

I was able to manage one photo where he is looking beyond me, rather than straight at me. He looks tough, but I think he was afraid of the birds in the trees.

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