My Favorite Creative Blogger, Rita from The CoffeeShop Blog {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix Photographer}

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This ad (which I also used on my mini-square business cards) was created
using Rita's CoffeeShop Auto-V Color Block Photoshop Action, and
includes rounded corners with the CoffeeShop Web Round-It PS Action.

As my hobby of photographing my own kids grew into an avocation of photographing friends' families, and friends of friends, a lot of my work grew and matured, inspired quite a bit by a few photographers, including a fellow MWAC (Mom With a Camera), Rita, at She has a big heart and passion for sharing her talent at developing beautiful Photoshop actions and digital scrapbooking and design elements for other photographers FOR FREE!!

Edited with CoffeeShop Velvet Peach PS Action
(which was featured under my previous business name on TheCoffeeShopBlog)

Rita blogs about life with her two boys, husband, dog and pet rats, along with photos she has taken. She often generously shares her skills and talent with the rest of the world in the form of step-by-step Photoshop tutorials, and free Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. I think I use Rita's CoffeeShopBlog actions almost every time I edit photos--I am just addicted to them! I really don't know where she finds the time to do all that she does so well as it seems like she develops new actions and presets every other day. I think she must be a very special person to put so much of her heart and hard work into such a valuable resource, then give it away to others for absolutely free--even for commercial use. She also shares with us all her favorite websites and sources that have inspired her, which I often find very helpful.

My logo was created using the CoffeShop CutOuts9.

While Rita does give away each item for free, it has to be downloaded and loaded into Photoshop/Lightroom one at a time. This does get time consuming, and when you have a bunch of crazy kids destroying your house, dinner that won't cook itself, diapers that need changing, and photos that need editing, you may not have time for the free individual downloads. If that is the case, Rita offers a paid download pack, the CoffeeShop Action/Preset Pack (for $39) that allows you to download all 200+ actions and presets, and the bonus Coffeeshop Ultimate Watermarking Action all at once. She also offers the CoffeeShop MegaPack (for $49) which includes all the aforementioned items PLUS the Coffeeshop Design Pack which includes blog design and digital scrapbooking elements, frames, Facebook covers, etc., etc. And if you're feeling generous, she also has a convenient button with which you can donate in return for all her hard work and willingness to share.

This was edited with the CoffeeShop Art Gallery PS Action (and a texture from ShadowhouseCreations).

The CoffeeShopBlog has been a godsend to my photography, and has allowed me to improve my work for my own and my clients' benefit, and has allowed my photography to stand out from other photographers. As a part-time photographer who has to be a do-it-yourself-er when it comes to marketing and blog design, Rita's design elements have become profoundly valuable to me and my business. After three years of using TheCoffeeShopBlog safely and regularly, I thought it was time to pass on my "secret" to share with other beginning photographers. Honestly, I should have done it a long time ago! Enjoy!

P.S. Rita, along with her sister, Heather, also offer web design and logo design at CoffeeShopDesigns. Check them out!

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