Families in the Raw {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix Photographer}

4:09 PM

These were shots from last year of my own family and a client's family. This year, I was inspired to mix these two poses for the same client's family, only this year, they added in baby #3 to the outside world ;) There may be some awkardness, and the family is not looking at the camera, but I like these types of poses that look un-posed because it captures raw love and family life. I also like that the romantic love between the couple is apparent in spite of (or perhaps, because of) the craziness all the kids generate. They are not stiff, formal studio shots, but real and raw.

(I've included a fun GIF of this family. I don't know why, but I love making these for families!)

For established clients interested in these types of family photos, check out my client guide, "Portraiture by Melyna Fang Portraits," for pricing and session information. To schedule a session, please email me at melynafangportraits@gmail.com.

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