I Made It to the Daily Signal's Father's Day Tribute! {Melyna FangPortraits--North Phoenix Photographer}

8:59 AM

Okay, so technically my husband and two of our kids made it to a Father's Day tribute by the DailySignal.com (the news arm of the HeritageFoundation). They requested photo submissions the other day for their Father's Day tribute, and picked this old favorite of mine. 

This was 4 years ago when my son, Sean, was being treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. After nearly 3.5 years of chemo, he completed treatment in 2012, and is a completely healthy boy. This photo was of my husband playing with my kids while Sean waited for his spinal tap and chemotherapy. Tony couldn't always be there for treatments, but when he was, Sean was always calmer and did much better.

 (Funny thing....when my 2 year-old--who was born the day of Sean's last chemo--saw this photo, he pointed at his bald brother and said, "Baby!")

Disclaimer: This was taken in my pre-photography days, when it was still only a hobby. 

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