My First Birth Photograph {Melyna Fang Portraits, North Phoenix Maternity and Newborn Photographer}

5:05 PM

Here he is! Baby J! You may remember his mommy from my last post "Baby Season," and from these photos of the both of them--before he was born.

Even though I, myself, have been in the labor and delivery room MAAAANY times (5 to be exact), I was always the one in the bed delivering a baby. (And, yes, I did attempt to photograph the birth of my own lastborn--and with the help of my loving husband, did manage to pull it off marginally successfully, all while the nurses and doctor laughed bemusingly at me.) This was the first time I was privileged to document someone else's labor, and the birth of someone else's baby. I can tell you, it was just as exciting and no pain was attached to this labor at all!

E. texted me at about 4:45 AM with the ultimate update that I'd been waiting for since the night before when she had texted me that things were starting. It was time to go to the hospital to photograph the birth of her baby #4! I arrived in the labor and delivery room by 5:10 AM. I could tell E. was in active labor, so I did my best to stay out of her and her support team's way while I documented her surroundings to establish setting with a future story-telling collage in mind. I had only a few minutes to do that before she was ready to deliver. 

E. barely made a peep (compared to my hysterical screaming with my baby #2) during the most painful part of her labor. Baby J came almost as soon as she laid down on the bed and the nurses attached the monitors to her stomach. In about 2 pushes, Baby J was born! He came out so fast, I was barely able to photograph him...he's destined to be a NASCAR driver! I think even the nurses and doctor (who had just walked in to the room as Baby J came out) were amazed at the speed with which he was born. The nurse didn't even have time to put gloves on as she reached down to grab the baby!

Baby J came out alert and hungry! He quickly pinked up and we could all see the obvious resemblance to his siblings. It was so fun to photograph Baby J's birth, and wonderful to document his mom and dad's joy to meet him. Congratulations to E. and D., and the whole family!

*Photos only posted with prior approval by family. Photos of such a sensitive nature are NEVER posted without prior approval & client consent. Additionally, most sessions are not blogged as a rule.*

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