My Cousin, the Pin-Up Model, & Other Family and Friends I Have Neglected......Or, Sometimes It Doesn't Pay to Know a Photographer

5:27 PM

You may remember my cousin from a post from earlier in the fall ( She and so many of my family and friends have been neglected. I have not given them the attention they deserve because, instead, I have been photographing so many of you out there, and treating you even better than family! I hope that proves my commitment to provide my clients with beautiful photos AND customer service. Thanks to all my clients who have chosen me to photograph them and their families, and for appreciating the photography and service I bring to you. I was so happy to have a truly busy season this year thanks to you!

Also, I'd like to take this moment to thank my family and friends who have supported me in my hobby/business, and have allowed me to photograph them to help build a portfolio and give me the practice I so much need to maintain my skills (and all still waiting for some degree of completion of their albums):

My sister, Jennifer, who is my 2nd opinion and advisor and who puts up my whole family in her house every summer, my niece Caitlin, who is my most reluctant yet naturally pretty model, my big brother, Michael, who was surprisingly photogenic & didn't whine like most men, my cousins, Stephanie, Brittany (& hubby, Travis), & Courtney (& hubby, Mike), and all their great kids (and C's girlfriend) who I wish I'd gotten to know a long time ago, their mom, my Aunt Connie, my near lifelong best friend, Brittney, my partner in crime, Roberta, & my first & biggest cheerleader who has claimed me as her personal photographer, Angelina, and my new mommy friend, Liz, who let me follow her from pregnancy to birth to newborn photos with her latest!. Thanks for all your patience and support!

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