I've Learned How to GIF!

5:26 PM

I have been away from my blog quite a bit this fall...between taking several photography workshops and this being my busy season for family sessions for said families who need photos for Christmas cards, I hardly had time for anything extra. However, after learning from my teenage daughter that a GIF is not only an alternative to saving photos as a JPEG, it is also what the "kids" nowadays call stop-motion video. 

[And now all the K-Mart Christmas commercials make sense....Ohhh!

And, she added, "Mama, it's been around for a couple years now." This means she has not been doing her job of keeping me up with the times, and what is in & trendy with all the cool kids.

So, before I start blogging the sessions I've been doing this fall, I want to show you my new trick: GIF'ing!
This will be a part of my session with my childhood best friend's family that I did this summer. The photos were taken of the kids running at me as a kind of fun end to their torturous family session. This GIF also features a cameo appearance by my 3 year-old son who photobombs this third and final cut of the running photos. So without further ado, their session and the world premier of a Melyna Fang Portraits GIF:

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