The Little Things Do Matter

4:36 PM

I know this time of year most people are thinking of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....which signals family portrait time. However, this week 10 years ago, my husband and I, along with my (then) 6 year-old daughter (from my previous marriage), posed for engagement photos. Which means, our 10th wedding anniversary will be soon approaching in a few months. 

While I did get beautiful engagement and wedding photos, I was not able to afford my dream photographer in Honolulu, even though I was prepared to pay my budget of $1200 at the time (a decade ago!). Since I did have to settle for an inexperienced photographer (inexperienced in wedding photography, I should say), I knew nothing about the art of photography back then, and I had no idea how beautiful and significant the detailed shots are, so I have very few. 

So, in honor of the anniversary of our engagement photos, I took some detailed ring shots. The above shot is my engagement & wedding ring on our wedding invitation, shot through a feather. I love that the Chinese character of my husband's last name and the celtic trinity pattern are sharp and detailed, and echo the same design on the invitation.

If you were not fortunate enough to hire a professional photographer with the ability to photograph these important details, it's not too late! Just think of the could get detailed shots of your wedding dress, your wedding day lingerie, your veil, your wedding day jewelry, you could re-create your wedding bouquet....Heck, why not go all our and re-create your wedding day!! If this sounds like a wonderful idea, I would love to hear from you, and help you recapture the micro memories of your wedding day. My email is your name, what type of photography you're interested in, and the best time to phone you. I would love for you to take me up on this opportunity!

Below are some more examples of some other pretty little things I have shot from other occasions:

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