Pin-Up Model, Anyone?

1:01 AM

When my beautiful baby cousin (even when she's 90, will still be the baby) said she wanted a vintage/pin-up style shoot for her family, I was so excited! I so rarely get to do fun, unique family sessions, and this was my opportunity to add some creative shots to my portfolio.
We were on-location in the downtown area of Hopkinsville, Kentucky (the old stomping grounds of our parents). This particular photo was at Ferrell's Hamburgersa famous local diner that has been serving hamburgers and Coke (because in the South, even a Pepsi is a Coke) since 1933. 

The next two photos were shot outside, across the street, while my cousin stayed cool inside, and I dodged traffic & prayed no diner customers photobombed us!

If it looks familiar, it's because I was inspired by Edward Hopper's 1942 painting, "Nighthawks."

We walked all over downtown Hoptown taking lots of photos with wonderful old buildings from the late 1800's, including some with ads painted on them.

True to my Southern roots, my favorite wall was the one with an old painted Coca-Cola sign.

 Check in again soon, or look for a post on Twitter & Facebook, for Part 2 of our little vintage project...

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