Our Newest Addition

10:54 PM

It has been 6 long years since our dog, Riley, died of lymphoma. Since then, we've added 2 more babies (for a total of 5), our cat died, and our kids have been begging for another dog. I decided I needed a dog to clean up all the scraps of food the kids leave all over the kitchen floor, and they kids needed a dog to take care of and to play with so I can get some work done. All that was left to do was to get my husband to go along with this idea. We visited the county pound that was housed at Petsmart, and immediately my oldest fell in love with the kennel full of puppies. Six black labrador retriever mix (with Sharpei?) puppies had been brought to the pound as very tiny puppies with no mama, and had to be bottle fed until they were old enough to be adopted out. Out of the two remaining 3 month-old puppies, we chose this male because he looked more like a labrador than his sister.

My husband and oldest daughter came up with his first name, and my husband & 3 year-old boy came up with his middle name. Meet Brutus Mordecai. He is a sweet puppy, but getting bigger everyday, and is learning how to play with the little kids better. House training is going okay, but he has doggie agoraphobia since all he's known is the kennel his whole life. Although he runs on a leash back to the house just fine, he is scared to death to walk away from the house. Other than that, he's a pretty good dog, and already becoming a part of our family.

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