Remember the Raisin!

10:57 PM

While on vacation in my hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky, I visited the Old Capitol building with my dad and kids. They were all actually very interested since they'd suddenly become fascinated with the Civil War. However, it was hot and humid, and the tour guide allowed us to sit at the desks in the Senate. While the tour guide was explaining the significance of "Remember the Raisin!" (look it up), I noticed my daughter had fallen asleep...

Then, as I was turning to put my camera down, I noticed one of my sons had also fallen asleep.

A couple also on the tour pointed out that my oldest son had fallen asleep in the very back. Indeed...I had not noticed in my last shot that I'd gotten a photo of all 3 big kids asleep.

Aaaaannnnd my youngest had also fallen asleep....

Somehow my dad had managed to stay awake ;)

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