Happy Independence Day!

10:56 AM

As I returned to my home state of Kentucky this week, I was struck again with the natural beauty & resources our country has to offer, especially this land that was theater to the Revolutionary War & home to my English immigrant Rice ancestors. 

 The early settlers to Kentucky & the New England colonists were already invested in this land within the first generation. We owned land. We could not have owned land in England. It was ours to work, ours to pour our sweat, blood, & tears into. Ours to pass down through generations. Ours to do with whatever we wanted. Ours on which 
to practice our religion. Ours to raise our families on as we saw fit. And most definitely ours to protect. Had we not owned & worked this land, I wonder if we would have been able to literally stand our ground & defend our God-given rights.

In this age where most Americans now live in metropolitan areas, we cannot fully appreciate why the Americans were fighting the English King. I'm afraid our founding fathers would be saddened at the amount of freedom we have let slip through our fingers. On this 4th of July, I encourage you all to go out and enjoy the beauty of our country & to become once again familiar with the history of the founding of this once great nation.

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