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5:15 PM

Up-Do Magazine by Melyna Fang Portraits

You may have seen the prom photos I took for my daughter and boyfriend a few weeks ago. What I have not published until now is the web magazine, Up-Do, devoted to the beautiful hairstyle designed by Stephanie. As my husband's hair stylist, she is the only other woman with a longer relationship with him than me ;) Interestingly, he found her as he was the officer who took her report of a burglary. He has strayed along the way, but no one knows his head of hair like Stephanie. She knows her stuff, and I am glad she makes my husband look good!

My daughter and I both have long hair and choose not to get it cut often, but Stephanie is the only one allowed to touch my daughter's hair when she does need it styled. Her hair is thick and curly and takes FOREVER to style, but that was no problem for Stephanie. We were both very happy with her prom up-do, and my daughter received all kinds of compliments on her hair the whole night. Thanks, Stephanie! 

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  1. Your daughter is a beauty! Love the photos of the dress and hair do......and the hair style is amazing as well. :)


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