Jordan's Heart

1:53 AM

When I met Jordan & her family for a photo session just last week, she appeared as active as any toddler. She was so excited to be outside, I literally had a hard time keeping up with her to get some great shots. I am so glad Jordan's parents allowed me the opportunity to photograph them at just the right time. 

Jordan is a spark plug, she's feisty, she's a comeback kid, and right now, she's a very sick little baby. After attempts to repair her heart, devastating complications, and miraculous recoveries, Jordan now needs a new heart. With her parents by her side, she continues to fight harder than anyone I've ever known.

Jordan's mom and dad want her story to be told because they are a family of faith. They want everyone to know that no matter how difficult, God has never left their side. They know Jordan is in God's hands. 

I am in awe of this young family. They love little Jordan so much and never give up their faith. Her older sister obviously cherishes her. When I was at the hospital for their session, I was amazed at all the smiles, despite the reality of Jordan's heart. This sweet little baby has touched so many family, friends, and strangers....I know she and her family draw strength from so many prayers.

As Jordan's heart grows weaker, please pray for her & her family for strength, continued faith, and most of all, a new heart. You can follow Jordan's continued journey for a new heart on her Facebook page at

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