The Photographer's Child Syndrome

6:44 PM

Most people are familiar with "Photographer's Child Syndrome" in which the child(ren) of a photographer have been photographed so many times throughout their young life, they are no longer interested in smiling at a camera, much less even look at one. Yes, all of my children have acquired this syndrome (as well as my husband)....except for one, my last. Morgan has stared right into my lens right from his first day of birth. He has allowed me to photograph him in a number of positions and props and locations, quite easily. 

The bad part about being a photographer's child, however, is that your mother prioritizes her time for work that pays actual money over editing the family photos taken with her professional cameras. Much like our parents' excuse of not having acutal photos because they didn't have time or money to develop film, many of my precious photos of my family are sitting on my computer hard drive, "undeveloped." As a Mother's Day present to myself, I finally decided to edit the photos I forced my oldest to take for me last Mother's Day. I set up the camera, showed her the photos of mine I wanted her to copy, and directed her in how to photograph me with her youngest baby brother. They might not be perfectly sharp or focused, but they are beautiful to me, and I love them!

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