Prom is Here! (or, The Photographer's Child Syndrome....Part 2)

6:14 PM

So it's prom season. I don't know who was more excited about daughter, or me. Umm.....maybe me. She, on the other hand probably was not looking forward to the part where parents got to take pictures before they left. I don't know why....maybe because her mother has to make an event out of every milestone and passage of life that her children experience. 

She and her friends tolerated me enough at her boyfriend's house. I even negotiated some shots at the fancy Italian restaurant they dined at in Scottsdale before they actually made it to prom. She said her boyfriend growled at me while forcing them to pose. Oh, well. I think when they realize that I didn't take any old mom snapshots, they will thank me....maybe 10 or 20 years down the road....but they WILL thank me.

For more prom photos, you can check out the the PASS online prom album.

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